Much more than just a regular car loan

Much more than just a regular car loan


Most cars on the road in Australia are insured with Comprehensive Third Party insurance, and you'll need to provide proof that your car is insured to your lender before your loan will settle and you can pick up your car.

Proof of comprehensive insurance comes in the form of a Certificate of Currency, and it should note that your chosen lender is the "interested party".

Common insurance mistakes to avoid

Failure to include vehicle registration or VIN on certificate of currency
Failure to include nominated lender as the "interested party"
Incorrect spelling of lender legal name (Jump will provide you the correct name at point of approval)

Take the pain out of the settlement process, get your comprehensive insurance the right way!

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Since car loans are a fixed rate product, you can't benefit from today's low interest rate environment with your existing car loan without refinancing your loan.

When you refinance, you replace an existing loan with a new loan from a different lender that pays off the debt of the old loan. This only makes sense when the new loan has better terms or features that improve the overall cost of the loan. Luckily, in the current economy, recent rate drops mean this can help a lot of Australians save money!

When should you refinance?

To take advantage of recent interest rate cuts to reduce your monthly repayments
Make the most of your improved situation or credit score to get a better rate on your loan
Extend the length of your existing loan to reduce your monthly repayment

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Commercial loans

Jump also offers a range of products for businesses, from light vehicles to heavy equipment. If it's got wheels, we've got you covered!

There are a number of benefits of a commercial loan:

When should you get a commercial loan?

When you plan to use the vehicle for business purposes at least 50% of the time
You want to finance a vehicle or wheeled equipment (e.g. earthmoving equipment, yellow goods, material handling equipment etc.)
Your financing needs are for less than $250,000 per asset