Meet Gerdus: Gerdus Saved $13k by refinancing

Most people know you can refinance a mortgage, but did you also know you can refinance a car loan? Gerdus does - and is now saving $13k over the life of his new loan.

There's a number of other reasons you might be eligible for a better rate:

  • Times have changed, and so have interest rates
  • Regulatory changes now mean car dealers can't charge interest rates as high as they used to (the so-called ban on flex commissions)
  • Before Jump, it was hard to do the intensive research required to find the best car loan rate you qualify for

The last reason in that list meant Gerdus didn't have the best rate on his car loan.

Luckily for Gerdus, he found Jump, refinanced and will now save $13k over the life of his new loan.

Refi Infographic